publix sent me information on setting up a 401(k) and i am going to be trapped at publix forever pls send help






If you refuse to live a thrifty lifestyle and sacrifice needless luxuries in order to pay for necessities (food, clothes, and shelter), and end up not being able to afford necessities, thats not because the damn minimum wage is too low. It’s because you don’t know how to be wise/humble with your money. $7.25/hour can get you food if you shop at the right place, and housing if you look for the right deals. You don’t need TV, you don’t need a home computer, you don’t need to eat out every night. If you learn to enjoy life on little, then you can live on little.

I realize there are unique situations and everyones different and finding jobs can be hard in and of itself, but as a general rule, most Americans just don’t know how to spend money. They don’t know what a necessity is. Then they demand more money so that they can keep spending money on non-essentials. We want to have our cake and eat it to, and that’s really just not necessary.

Fuck you for this post because you are absolutely wrong. 

"you don’t need a home computer"

motherfucker PLEASE

society has integrated with computers and internet. half of the jobs i’ve worked will ONLY accept online applications 

minimum wage is BARELY MAYBE SOMETIMES a living wage for single people. it’s 100% definitely widely agreed upon that it’s not a living wage for families. 

hahahah what is this ignorant trash of a post. You do absolutely need these things, you do absolutely need a computer, even in just school here you are required to have one with an internet connection otherwise students literally cannot pass subjects. I’m not even going to bother with this, you literally have no idea what you are even talking about lmao, minimum wage HERE in my country is barely livable, because living expenses, no matter how small are extremely costly, i cannot even begin to imagine the hardship of people living in a place with no govt help or aid and working a full time job for 7 dollars an hour to try and make a living

god dump yourself in the trash.

five bucks this person is 25+ yrs old

he’s like 18 actually